Teat AntiColic 2-pack

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Teat AntiColic 2-pack
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  • Our teats are designed to resemble the nipple of a mother whilst breastfeeding. The Anti Colic Air-Flow system decreases the risk of infant colic caused by swolling of air. As all of our products the teat are free from BPA or any other toxic substances, so you can feel safe while feeding your baby.

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Anti-Colic Air Flow

Featuring the anti-colic air system, Fuelbaby helps reduce the amount of air your child swallows as he or she drinks. In turn, this minimizes uncomfortable pressure and gas in your baby's tummy, allowing him or her to consume meals more comfortably.

Anti Colic Air Flow

Maximum Comfort

With a soft and flexible teat, the baby will enjoy the meal without discomort. The teat, available in four different sizes, resembles the nipple of a breastfeeding mother, and will give away just enough pressure for the baby to drink without problems.

BPA Free

Safety First

When it comes to your baby, safety is always the top priority. We went the extra mile to ensure that Fuelbaby contains no harmful chemicals, is BPA-free, and is completely non-toxic, keeping your child safe, happy, and healthy.

Dishwasher Safe

Quick Clean Up

For added convenience, cleaning a Fuelbaby bottle is fast and simple. Every component of the bottle can be run through the dishwasher, allowing you to properly and efficiently sanitize the bottle with ease.

Leaf free technology

No Spills

Our design team engineered Fuelbaby with a leak-proof bottle, allowing you to drop it into your diaper or baby bag without having to worry about accidental spills, drips, or messes.